Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best 5 Movies of Director : Bimal Roy

1. Do Bigha Zamin(1953)


A small Bengali landowner and his young son are in danger when their two-acre farmland where they live is in danger of being taken over by a local zamindar (feudal lord) for failure to pay for mounting debits. They move to Calcutta where the father tries making a living as a rickshaw puller while his wife joins him but falls ill which threatens everything they have going to try to save their ancestorial home.

  Balraj Sahni  ...  Shambu Maheto 
  Nirupa Roy  ...  Parvati (Paro) Maheto 
  Rattan Kumar  ...  Kanhaiya Maheto 
  Murad  ...  Thakur Harnam Singh 
  Rajyalakshmi  ...  Nayabji (as Rajlakshmi) 
  Nana Palsikar  ...  Dhangu Maheto (Shambu's dad) 
  Noor Jehan   
  Nasir Hussain  ...  Rickshaw puller (as Nazir Hussain) 
  Rekha Mallick   
  Jagdeep  ...  Laloo Ustad, shoeshine boy 
  Sarita Devi   
  Dilip Kumar Jr.   
  Ramayan Tiwari  ...  Paro's molester (as Tiwari) 

2. Madhumati(1958)


While driving his car on a rainy night, Anand's car breaks down, and he goes to seek shelter in a nearby house. He is let into the house by the servant, and he is permitted to stay until the rains stop, and he is able to get his car fixed. It is here that Anand will find out about his previous birth, his true love, Madhumati, their ill-fated, star-crossed and tragic romance, and how this the events in his previous birth are going to effect him in this life-time.


  Dilip Kumar  ...  Anand / Deven 
  Vyjayanthimala  ...  Madhumati / Madhavi / Radha (as Vyjayantimala) 
  Johnny Walker  ...  Charandas (as Johny Walker) 
  Pran  ...  Raja Ugra Narayan 
  Jayant  ...  Pawan Raja (Madhumati's Father) 
  Ramayan Tiwari  ...  Bir Singh (as Tiwari) 
  Baij Sharma   
  Bhudo Advani   
  Ranjit Sood   
  Shivji Bhai   
  Tarun Bose  ...  Doctor (Deven's Colleague) 

3. Sujata(1959)

Sujata (B&W)


Sujata gets adopted by the Chowdhury family, which consists of dad Upendranath; mom Charu; and a daughter, Rama, and is treated just like a daughter. Sujata grows up in this caring and nuturing household and leads a very comfortable life. Both Sujata and Rama are now of marriageable age. A young man, Adhir, comes to the Chowdhury household with a view to marry. He meets Sujata and falls in love with her. When he informs his aunt of this decision, she is aghast, as she knows that Sujata is not only of a lower caste but also an untouchable, and she wants Adhir to marry Rama, or will not permit him to live with her. While at the Chowdhury household, Charu wants Sujata to leave the house immediately, as she will have nothing to do with her anymore. Will Adhir and Sujata be ever married or will they be two more victims to the caste system?


  Nutan  ...  Sujata 
  Sunil Dutt  ...  Adhir 
  Shashikala  ...  Rama Chowdhury 
  Lalita Pawar  ...  Giribala (Buaji / aunt) 
  Tarun Bose  ...  Upendranath Chowdhury 
  Sulochana Latkar  ...  Charu Chowdhury (as Sulochana) 
  Asit Sen  ...  Pandit Bhawani Shankar Sharma 
  Ashim Kumar   
  Paul Mahendra  ...  Actor in theatrical production 
  Baij Sharma   
  Brahm Bhardwaj  ...  Masterji (as Brahm Dutt) 
  Moni Chatterjee  ...  Father of the supposed Sujata's groom 
  Sabitri Devi   
  Shivji Bhai   
  Sailen Bose  

4. Bandini(1963)


Dr. Devendra is an eligible young man, employed with the local prison for women. He meets with an attractive female inmate named Kalyani, and both become friends. Devendra finds Kalyani very attractive, and would like to marry her, and refuses to know or judge her from her past. What Devendra does not know is Kalyani is a killer, who has confessed to killing the wife of a freedom-fighter, Bikas Ghosh.


  Ashok Kumar  ...  Bikash Ghosh 
  Nutan  ...  Kalyani 
  Dharmendra  ...  Devendra (as Dharminder) 
  Raja Paranjpe  ...  Kalyani's Father (as Raja Paranjape) 
  Tarun Bose  ...  Mahesh Chandra 
  Asit Sen  ...  Shambu 
  Chandrima Bhaduri   
  Moni Chatterjee  ...  Inspector 
  Rajan Verma   
  Satyendra Kapoor   
  Lalit Rai   
  Abhimanyu Sharma   

5. Parineeta (1953)


In Calcutta at the turn of the century, two families (one wealthier than the other but both belonging to the same caste) live in adjoining properties. Their respective patriarchs fall out over the repayment of a loan and the intervention of a member of a lower caste in the families' financial arrangements. The rift causes much heartache to the younger members of the families, two of whom have secretly plighted their troth to each other.


  Ashok Kumar  ...  Shekhar Rai 
  Meena Kumari  ...  Lalita 
  Asitbaran  ...  Girin Babu (as Asit Baran) 
  Nasir Hussain  ...  Gurcharan Babu (as Nazir Husein) 
  Badri Prasad  ...  Nabin Rai (as Badriprasad) 
  Pratima Devi  ...  Shekhar's aunt 
  Rekha Mallick   
  Shelley Bannerjee   
  G. Vaid   
  Bhupendra Kapoor  

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