Friday, April 29, 2011

Best 5 Movies of Director : Mani Ratnam

1. Mouna Raagam


Revathi is forced to marry Mohan in an arranged marriage. She lives in the memory of her lost love Karthik and asks for a divorce. The law requires them to stay together for a year before granting the divorce. That gives time for a lot of incidents in their lives and things change.


  Karthik  ...  Manohar 
  Mohan  ...  Chandra Kumar 
  Revathy  ...  Divya 
  Ramaswamy V.K  

2. Nayagan


A small boy (Ratnavelu) from Tamilnadu sees his father, a labor leader, killed in cold blood by a policeman. He kills the policeman and runs away to the city of Bombay. From there, the story traces his ascent to become a mafia chief (Velu Naicker), the breakup and deaths in his family, and then till his assasination at the hands of the lunatic son of another policeman who he killed in a fight.


  Kamal Hassan  ...  Velunayakan 
  Saranya  ...  Neela 
  Janagaraj  ...  Selva 
  Tinnu Anand  ...  Ajit Singh 
  Nasser  ...  Asst. Commissioner 
  Delhi Ganesh  ...  Iyer 
  Nizhalgal Ravi  ...  Surya 
  M.V. Vasudeva Rao  ...  Vaapa 

3. Anjali


Chitra, her husband, Shekar, and two children, Arjun and Anu live in a rural area in India. When Chitra is expecting her third child, she is taken on a stormy night to a hospital where she is informed that her child, a girl, has been stillborn. Shortly thereafter the family re-locates to a flat in the city where Shekar works as an Architect at a construction site. Two years later, Chitra starts suspecting Shekar of having an extra-marital affair. When confronted, Shekar is at first elusive, then finally admits that Chitra did give birth to a brain-damaged child, who he left at the care of the hospital. Chitra brings the child home, much to the chagrin of Arjun and Anu, and other neighborhood kids. To make matters more complicated, Shekar witnesses the murder of a Police Inspector, and comes forward to testify, knowing fully well that the killer as well as the Police Department would like to close this file as a suicide


  Revathy  ...  Chitra (as Revathi) 
  Raghuvaran  ...  Shekar 
  Prabhu  ...  Ex-Convict 
  Saranya  ...  Child Psychiatrist (as Charaniya) 
  Shanti Priya   
  Shamili  ...  Anjali (as Shamli) 

4. Roja


Roja, a young woman born and brought up in Southern India, prays that the handsome young man coming to see her sister will be her future brother-in-law, only to have the tables turned on her when he openly choses her over her sister (as her sister loves another). So Roja marries Rishi and they leave the village to settle in the city, where both fall in love. Rishi, who works for the Indian Government, is instructed to go to the troubled state of Kashmir on a classified mission. Roja also goes along. Then her innocent world is shattered when Rishi is abducted and held for ransom by a group of jihadist militants who want an independent Kashmir and the release of a terrorist held by the Indian military forces. Will the passionate appeal of this young woman move cold and ruthless military and politician's hearts and minds?


  Arvind Swamy  ...  Rishi Kumar (as Arvind) 
  Madhoo  ...  Roja 
  Pankaj Kapur  ...  Liaqat 
  Nasser  ...  Colonel Rayappa (as Naseer) 
  Shiva Rindani   
  Janagaraj  ...  Chajoo Maharaj (as Janakraj) 
  C.K. Saraswathi   

5. A Peck on the Cheek (2002) Kannathil Muthamittal (original title)


Dhileepan and Shyama are Tamil-speaking residents of Mankulam, Sri Lanka, who get married with the blessings of their respective families. After the marriage, Shyama confides that she would like to be a mother of 8 children, but is stunned when her husband tells her that he cannot father any children until there is peace between the mainstream and the Tamils in this country. Nevertheless, they do get intimate, resulting in Shyama getting pregnant. Dhileepan goes into hiding because of his connections with the Tamil Tigers, while Shyama returns to her dad, Devanathan's house. A storm threatens their village, and they are forced to flee to a Refugee Camp in Rameswaram, India. Alone, without any support, Shyama gives birth to a girl, leaves her, and returns to Sri Lanka to be with her husband. This child gets noticed by noted Tamil author Thiruchelvan, who lives with his sister, Kamalee, her husband, and their son, and authors books under the pen-name of 'Indra', who is actually an attractive TV news-woman who lives next door. When he comes forward to adopt her, he is initially refused, as he must be married in order to adopt any child. He accordingly gets married to Indra, and they adopt the child and name her Amudha. Subsequently, they become parents of two sons, Vinayan and Akhilan. After Amudha completes her 9th year, she is told that she has been adopted, compelling her to start searching for her biological mother. She initially runs aways to Rameswaram, but is unable to locate her, continues to be distraught, until Thiruchelvan promises to take her to Mankulam. They do come across a woman named Shyama, but she denies having any children, and it is then that they find out that there is another Mankulam to the north of Sri Lanka. They travel there, amongst almost war-like conditions, and it is here that Thiruchelvan and his guide, Dr. Herold Vikramsinghe, will be abducted by Tamil Tigers, who in turn, will arrange for a meeting with Shyama. Watch what happens when Amudha finally gets to meet her birth-mother - who may outrightly disown her or induct her as one of the many child warriors amongst the Tamil Tigers.


  Madhavan  ...  G. Thiruchelvan 
  Simran  ...  Indra 
  J.D. Chakravarthi  ...  Dhileepan 
  Prakash Raj  ...  Dr. Herold Vikramsinghe (as Prakashraj) 
  Nandita Das  ...  Shyama 
  P.S. Keerthana  ...  Amudha 
  Delhi Kumar  ...  Ganesan 
  Master Suraj  ...  Vinayan 
  Master Kethan  ...  Akhilan 

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